Courses alongside FFC

Hey all.

Just wondered what folk are using alongside this wonderful place ( i realize this was asked at the start of the year, but figured i’d see if there were any new gems out there that i hadn’t stumbled across)

Any new big hitters on udemy that people have found? (Colts course is quite outdated now i feel, surprised he hasn’t bothered updating that one)

Are people still paying for treehouse or lynda?

Something else thats been released that you want to share?

Not long ago i finished this one: Udemy: The complete junior to senior web dev roadmap - by andrei neagoie.

I ended the fcc path and this one really add something in terms of tools used. It goes deep in the performance analysis and apart from a brief introductory section where it introduce react and redux ( i suggest to have at least a grasp on both before to get it ) it present all new tools, from docker to redis, with a server side render spot and much much more stuff…i found it really helpful to integrate the FCC notions ( which is just a part of what FCC gives! ) with (what i think it could be ) the real wold developer tools^^


Metrix Learning. I am using it as someone who is a career changer since it’s free through my State, but they also sell individual licenses.

It’s a skills training platform for current and aspiring professionals in various industries and their computer programming courses really fill in the blanks of the FCC challenges.


  • Broad array of programming courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and more
  • Pre-Assessments and final course tests to test what you know and where knowledge gaps are
  • Downloadable video transcripts and ability to slow the playback speed to better understand things
  • Covering legacy conventions like HTML4
  • Option to have customizeable learning tracks or follow pre-set learning tracks
  • Equally in depth soft skills courses like customer relations, leadership, time management and more
  • Virtual support if you encounter technical issues
  • Content covered by veteran professionals with decades of experience


  • Buggy at times with course completions/certifications not showing upon course completion
  • Not for the absolute beginner or the faint at heart; you dive right into using a code editor to create and push pages and there’s a lot thrown at you in a short amount of time
  • No community (like the forums here)
  • Not accessible to non-Americans
  • Cost; I don’t know how much the license is for an individual, but if you’re in the states and changing careers even if you hold a full time job doing something else, reach out to Metrix Learning and they should be able to direct you to an organization that works with them.

-Hope this helps

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This course by Cory House I found a fantastic introduction to JavaScript development tools that you typically need to understand when you start work. It covers:

  • choosing an editor
  • package management (npm)
  • web servers
  • transpiling (Babel)
  • bundling (webpack)
  • linting
  • testing
  • continuous integration
  • etc…

The great thing about this course is that it bridges the gap between a newbie developer who knows HTML, CSS, jQuery etc and uses Codepen and a professional developer who uses a sophisticated suite of tools to develop and deploy an app.

nb: requires Pluralsight subscription

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