Courses on Algorithms

I see there are a number of courses about algorithms:

Are any of the courses especially helpful for solving the algorithm bonfires?

Hey. I can guarantee you that if you do any of the above algorithm courses even half-heartedly, the algorithm bonfires presented here will be piece of cake.Seriously,the stuff that is taught in the algorithm courses is radically different and challenging than the bonfires.Mainly the focus is on the various strategies to solve the problems-(divide and conquer,greedy,dynamic programming and approximate solutions to NP-complete problems). You will also learn about various algorithms related to graph like breadth first search or depth first search,shortest path algorithms ,shortest connected components and a hell lot of other things.Taking a algorithm course and doing it religiously can be like the best decision of your life.Although it’s extremely challenging but the problem solving skills that you will be getting after you are done is the one you will cherish for your life.

That being said,the bonfires are nowhere in comparison to the stuff taught in the course.So if your only goal is to be able to solve bonfires then you shouldn’t really take the course because it will be too time consuming and engaging.However I would really recommend you to take it.

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Thank you! I am definitely interested in something that would be less ambitious than what you described! I guess I was looking for something that I could look at, other than the wall, when trying to figure out the bonfires. Still I will keep your recommendation in mind for when I have made some progress! Thank you so much!