Courses or Tutorials with Intermediate Projects

Hello - Can anyone recommend courses (udemy or other?) that walk through more intermediate type projects? Particularly that show the basic concepts that build the majority of web apps? I imagine following 80/20 rule, there are 20% of design patterns and basic solutions that can cover 80% of projects…

I am a engineer, primarily software by trade although haven’t coded for > 15 years :(.

I want to learn in a project based style around JS, Python, Flask, maybe React/React Native… I don’t need 1/2 the course intros to basics like conditionals, loops etc… Just want to run through how to actually build things…

I’m also not so interested in front end - I would rather find front end templates (question for another post!) that do most of what I need and spend time / effort on actually building the project logic / control / data etc.