Covid-19 Survey Form (Project Feedback)

Hey everyone,

Just finished my second front-end project. This time I decided to create a survey form about the novel Coronavirus. I based my questions on real surveys however this is just for practice and not an actual Covid-19 form. If you want to take a real survey, I recommend Google’s Covid-19 Self- Assessment which most of my questions are based on. I hope you guys like it and any feedback is welcomed.

Codepen link:


Hey Hudson,

great job so far! :clap:

Clearly seeing that you are making very good progress.

My ideas:

  • all tests pass, awesome!

  • when you use codepen (only there!), you only have to add the code that belongs into the body; so you can remove the body tags

  • after you removed the body tags, you can get a code validation:

    • HTML: paste your codepen HTML code into the body
    • CSS: paste your whole CSS code
    • you will see some small (recurring) errors, that’s totally normal and I think you are able to fix them! :+1:
  • you are using a lot of brs; current best practice is to use a CSS margin, because it is styling (CSS), not content (HTML)

  • you can increase the readability of your code by:

    1. clicking on the small arrow on the right side of the code box and
    2. clicking Format HTML/CSS
  • I think the different questions would benefit from some more spacing between each other

  • the form is not centered, you can see this when decreasing the window width:

Keep up the great work,
looking forward to seeing your next steps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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