COVID-19 Tracker CLI

Hi there, my community is supporting my project related to COVID-19 pandemic. I create a CLI tool to track the cases globally using your command prompt, terminal, or termux for android. You don’t need to open a browser to track the cases just open these CLI and enter one line of command.

Repository: warengonza[.]ga/covid19-tracker-cli-repo

If you like the project please give it a star on Github… if you want to support the project you can of course buy me a coffee to keep this project a live!

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Hi @warengonzaga welcome to the forums!
I like this sort of stuff, its very cool and relevant.

I have a question about where are you pulling the data from? Is it a public api or something from a health organization, or are you keeping track of it some other way?

Regardless very cool stuff!

Also I noticed the links you provided are redirects to your site or something instead of the full github link?

I’m using this API
They getting the data from worldmeter and from here