COVID-19 Tracker/Data

Hello freecodecampers!

Advice I’ve taken from freecodecamp forum and other platforms has helped me understand that the sooner I start to work on my own projects, the better.

Nothing was more interesting to build these days than a project related to covid-19. This pandemic has effected the whole world and I hope all is well.

I started to search and think what can I build related to this and I found a few great APIs with loads of information. I did not want my website to have only data related to this pandemic, but more information about covid-19 and advice how to protect yourself from it. I took some paragraphs and images related to the subject at the World Health Organization website and used it on my own.

I used react to create this project even though it could’ve been done with javascript only, I decided to go with react because it is easier to link through pages, use the same designs etc.

The website includes three pages;

  1. Worldwide Results - Shows data of covid-19 confirmed, recovered and deaths around the world.

  2. Search by country - You search a country name and you get it’s data, how many were confirmed, recovered and deaths on country.

  3. Advice for public - Images with text information to protect yourself and the others around you from this virus.

I’ve left the same text in all the pages about an overview, prevention and symptoms on this virus with the idea for at least one of the visitors to skim through them and learn something new.

When building this project I have learned that building your own project that you are interested in will keep you more motivated and driven to complete it (example; before I couldn’t code more than 3h and half, but on this project I did 3h and half on daily), I believe the more effective way to learn is to build the project with the knowledge you have and google the knowledge you don’t have that is required to build the project, I believe the less help you get from other people the better but it’s totally okay sometimes to ask for help.

I’m really proud of what I have built within three days and I believe if I set myself a longer goal for this project I would be able to make it even more complex. To everyone that is on the process of learning to code, I would suggest you to start building your own project that you are interested in, I strongly believe that doing this will make you learn 10x more than doing a tutorial.

I have released the project on github, if this project interests you click here, it directs you to my github.

I plan to continue this website later on, what do you think can be improved?

Live preview of website -