Cpp on stackblitz

im trying to learn cpp and I’m using stackblitz and i don know what I’m doing wrong but this is the code

include <iostream>
int main( )
std::cout<<"this should work\n>;


for some reason it won’t out put this should work

if you want to see it and try to edit here is the link https://js-gk34es.stackblitz.io

This isn’t a valid include statement. You are missing the #

You are missing the terminal "

I don’t think you can run C++ on Stackblitz. Also, your URL has js- in it and I’m pretty sure that is what you get with the plain JS template. Which you definitely can’t use to run C++ code. You need a compiler.


hey sorry if I’m wasting yalls time but I’m new to this and no one i know, knows how to code so iI’m just using this to get in to the coding communatiy

No need to apologize. Your use of the community is exactly what the community is for.

Happy coding!

thank you y’all are fantastic and helps alot

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