Creat a language learning app (English)

I’m a new member here, i signed up 5 mins ago :smiley:

I’m looking for your advice:
I know nothing about coding, and I want to creat a simple language learning app. I need it for my Master’s degree reseach, and I want to know the following:
1- Can I really do it?
2- How long does it take?
3- How to proceed? (I mean give me only a tip)

Thanks in advance

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1- If you have the time, dedication, and interest to learn a new skillset.
2- Assuming you can work on it every day, I’d say a few months to a year.
3- Just start learning how to write code. You can make a web app using the technologies taught on FCC, so start at the beginning of the course and work on it every day.

Thanks for the reply. I have other questions if you won’t mind:
I just want to creat a simple app, not too sophisticated :stuck_out_tongue: and I want to do it in 3 months max

I hope you’ll tell me a good news :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s going to depend entirely on you. If you are able to dedicate a LOT of time during those three months and programming falls in line with your existing skills, then you could theoretically do it I suppose.

Ok, thanks for giving me hope :slight_smile:

Nobody can really advise you unless you have a clear idea of what you app will do. If you just want a simple app to review vocabulary, then you could do it with html, css and javascript with a couple of months of study. If you want a genuinely useful app, you will need user accounts and some kind of database. That stuff will take you quite a bit longer.

I know of one person who posted that they had created a single page application written in React that helps English speakers practice basic Thai 1-2 months after completing the Front End Certificate. So yes, thing’s like that can and have been done.

Here’s that post I mentioned. As an avid user of RosettaStone and Mango I was pleased to see this kind of development…

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Thank you, all, for your replies.
As I said before, I have never dealt with coding and stuff. I just have an idea and I want to apply it.
The concept of the app I’m thinking about is the following:

Teaching English to “French” OR “Arabic” speakers. The concept is quite similar to Duolingo (website).
You learn something and when you practise, you get XP points.
After finishin a level for instance, you get …a kind of virtual currency that will be used later to shop.
This is it.

I know it will take more than a couple of months, but since you’re into this, I would like to know how long will it take.
Thank you

No one is going to tell you what you want to be told. Some of the highest paid developers working in the biggest programming firms with centuries of combined experience cannot make perfectly accurate predictions about how long any project will take. Planning a project and knowing how to set a time frame for building it out is itself a skill that takes time to train. You’re not even just talking about building an application, but also learning how to program at the same time.

You’re here, which means you’re at least a little interested in learning how to program and willing to try. That’s great, and if you start now, then the next time you have a project that must be done for some research, you’ll be equipped to do so. But the app you describe is not as simple as you think. The language part isn’t too difficult if you store all of the user’s data in the browser and don’t need to log in or out. Gamification like experience points isn’t that hard in the front end, either. If you don’t need other people to actually use this app, you can make a fake store in the browser to trade the points with. You may be able to pull off an app like this if you start learning now. But if you need a fully functional application with a real store that requires people to log in and keeps track of their progress, then I’d say you’re looking at a year minimum.

I hope you stick around and learn to program. If you come into it with the mindset that you’re investing in a new skill and are dedicated to lifelong learning, then you will have a lot of tools at your disposal for when you need them. Do not rely on yourself to build a complete application in 3 months or less starting from scratch, though.