Create a classified web for private classes

Hi lovely people
I’m new in the programming universe :blush: and my goal is to create a classified web page for private classes, course, training… where teachers can post adds and students can find teachers.
Could you please give me some advices like how to start. I’m still learning html and gas and at the same time trying to create the web page in wordpress so I don’t find a template adequate for me.
Thanks for any advice.

I don’t know much about WP, but there is probably a cookie cutter way to do it there.

What you are describing is complicated. It will require a frontend (what the user sees) and a backend (the server). If you finish the FCC program, you will have the tools you need to either build this from scratch, or build most of if from scratch and incorporate other libraries for some of the work.

But it’s going to take a while to get all these skills. But the only way to learn them is to do it.

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