Create a Controlled Form - all my stuff got deleted

I did the lesson already and now all my work is gone! What is even the point? I wanted to copy and paste my work into a project to save time at a hackathon. Even went to Solution page but it’s just chopped up bits of syntax, which defeats the purpose. I just want to copy and paste what I already submitted, as that actually passed the tests. There are a bunch of sections that can be useful for building real projects and I’m pretty sure this worked in the old FCC days. Maybe I’m thinking of CodeAcademy? Little games inside js lessons etc.

Unless you recently cleared your browser’s cache, the code you provided as a solution for a challenge will still be present (typically). Also, after you successfully pass a challenge you can always copy the solution by closing out the modal window instead of clicking the Submit and go to next challenge button. Once you have pasted it, then you can run the tests again to go to the next challenge.

Thanks! I ended up remembering that there’s a Portfolio section that shows all my solutions to completed challenges too. I might have had connectivity issues when I submitted these most recent challenges.