Create a .daily-value p selector to target all of your p elements in the daily-value section. Give this new selector a border-bottom set to 1px solid #888989

.daily-value p {
daily-value: 1px solid #888989;
Here is the code I am having trouble with.
Sorry, your code does not pass. Keep trying.

Your .daily-value p selector should have a border-bottomproperty set to 1px solid #888989.

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Your .daily-value p selector does not contain a border-bottom property. That is why your code is not passing.

MOD EDIT: Solution removed.

It’s great that you solved this but please do not post solutions on the forum. We are here to offer guidance and hints to allow Campers to find their own way to the solutions and are trying to cut down on the number of solutions and spoilers posted here.

Ok. I am just very confused as to where to post the code. Thank you all for helping.

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