Create a dynamic object using javascrip

Hello Everyone,

Would any of you kindly assist with the following issue below:

I have:

var AssessmentQuestionObject = [
    AssessmentID: '1',
    Title: 'Question title',
    corectOption1: 'Corect Option 1', 
    correctOptionNo2: 'Correct Option 2', 
    option1: 'Option 1', 
    optionNo4: 'Option 2', 
    optionNo5: 'Option 3' 

I would like to create the object below using a function or any other mean necessary

var Question = [
  { Title: 'Question Title'
  ,assessmentId: '1'
             {answer: 'Option 1', IsCorrect: false},
             {answer: 'Option 1', IsCorrect: false},
             {answer: 'Option 1', IsCorrect: false}
             {answer: 'Correct Option 1', IsCorrect: true},
             {answer: 'Correct Option 1', IsCorrect: true}

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I’m not sure what you are asking for help with. In both snippets you have an array containing a single object.