Create a Method on an Object with template literals

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I am using template literals from ES6 to solve this, but it somehow it doesn’t seem to work.

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let dog = {
  name: "Spot",
  numLegs: 4,
  sayLegs: () => {return "This dog has ${dog.numLegs} legs." }

//Output: This dog has ${dog.numLegs} legs.

console.log("This is a dog. His name is ${}.")
//Output: This is a dog. His name is ${}.

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Ah ok, for template literals I have to use ` ` instead of " " or ’ '.

if you are wanting to go full es6, try doing this for sayLegs:

() => `This dog has ${dog.numLegs} legs.`

Since there is only one line and it is just directly returning the string, you don’t need either the brackets or the return.