Create a mobile application for my website

I have a website for which I want to create a mobile app.
How do I go about doing this.
Something like quora.
It requests, even other urls in its website)in its app.
Is there some java code to do it. Probably even, flutter or react native code.
I’d prefer django and python. Is there a “non-hacky”, “official” way of doing this.

Some framework(Probably in django) that I don’t know about.
Basically I want to query my website( and other urls in it( or some slug
How do quora, fb, other apps do this. Can I reuse code(the html/css/js basically).
Or can I just request urls and get the result(an object, list containing the info), something like:-

'postTitle':'Why is the best website in the world?',
'postAuthor: 'GuruTheCoder',
someThingRando:'Random questions get random answers'

Some code(In the options I’ve given, python which is preferred (Django preferred), java, flutter, etc ) to get something like h1

h1Function('FreeCodeCamp is the best')

Can I just get the HTML

Note :- I don’t know Why I am not able to write html, I just created a h1 basically .

> <html>
> <h1>FreeCodeCamp is the best</h1>
> </html>

Please comment if you didn’t understand my question :sweat_smile:

My website(I know it isn’t very good, I want to build something else):-

Thanks for answering!!!

Well, to create a mobile app, you have a couple possibilities.

You could go full native - as in write an Android app in Java an an iOS app in Swift, or whatever. There would be very little code reuse here.

You could just have them open up your web page on the mobile device. This would be clunky and would not have a mobile “feel”.

You could use a framework to create a hybrid mobile app - depending on how you wrote your web app, you may get some code reuse with the web, but not much. You could probably reuse some of the logic.

You could do a “native framework”. That’s what I do at my job, using React Native. I can build an app in React and it gets translated to a truly mobile app. Depending on how you write your web app, there could be a lot of code reuse, especially anything that doesn’t have JSX. And there are other libraries/frameworks that will allow you to write mobile apps in other languages - I don’t know the specifics. For Python there are things like Kivy and BeeWare - but again, I don’t know the specifics.

Note :- I don’t know Why I am not able to write html, I just created a h1 basically .

<h1>FreeCodeCamp is the best</h1>

Because h1 doesn’t mean anything to a phone. That is html which is used in browsers. It would only work if you are accessing it through a browser. For example, in React Native, that would be:

<Text style={ { styles.myH1StyleSetting } }>FreeCodeCamp is the best</Text>

or you could write you’re own H1 component and define it to work like an h1 does, like:

<H1>FreeCodeCamp is the best</H1>

There are also libraries that do it for you. But then React Native would translate that into whatever it needs to be for the languages used by those mobile devices.

But a lot of it depends on how your web front end is written. Did you use a view library/framework for that?

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Yes, bootstrap.
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Right, I’m not aware of a mobile framework based on that. I think of Bootstrap as more of a CSS library than a true view library, like React, Angular, or Vue. So I don’t think you’re going to get to reuse much of your view layer code in a mobile app.

Web browsers and mobile apps function very differently - they are usually different development teams. If you’re smart, you can share some of the logic, but the view layer is going to be different. And it needs to be different because mobile apps have different layouts and events.

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Of course

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