Create a navbar myself or tweak Bootstrap's?

So, I’m working on my portfolio page and I’d like some insight. Is it better to make a navbar by myself or use the Boostrap navbar and tweak it?

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In this case, I’m not sure that in the grand scheme of things that there is a ‘better’. By tweaking bootstrap’s navbar, you will gain a greater understanding of how to work with bootstrap, by building your own, you will learn different lessons.

What you decide also somewhat depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your navbar. There may be some navbar designs that would be more difficult to implement using Bootstrap, in which case rolling your own, may be a more prefered solution.

Personally, when it makes sense for the project, I try to leverage the assets I’m already loading. So for me, if I was already loading Bootstrap, and the results of the navbar were going to be similar, then I would likely go with Bootstrap.

If you want a responsive navbar, Bootstrap makes it a lot easier. Otherwise, if you’re familiar with media queries and/or JS, responsive navbars aren’t too difficult to make. At about 768px, just remove the buttons and replace it with a hamburger icon that opens up to a menu.

Thanks a lot guys! You’ve been very useful!