Create a Priority Queue Class(last test case is not passing)

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This is working right in console.log but it is not passing last test case when i am submitting this code.
The priority queue should return items with a higher priority before items with a lower priority and return items in first-in-first-out order otherwise.

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function PriorityQueue() {
  this.collection = [];
  this.printCollection = function () {
  // Only change code below this line
  this.enqueue = function (val) {
    console.log('enqueue', val)
  this.dequeue = function () {
    let highestPriority = {
      index: 0,
    this.collection.forEach( (element, index) => {
      if(highestPriority.priority < element[1]) {
        highestPriority.priority = element[1]
        highestPriority.index = index
    let dequeueElement = this.collection[highestPriority.index]
    this.collection.splice(highestPriority.index, 1)
    return dequeueElement[0] 
  this.size = function () {
    return this.collection.length
  this.front = function () {
    const firstElement = this.collection[0]
    return firstElement
  this.isEmpty = function () {
    return this.collection.length === 0 ? true : false
  // Only change code above this line

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i haven’t checked your code but I wanted to tell you that I had a similar experience with a different challenge (where my console.log showed the exact answer expected but my code wasn’t getting accepted).
I’m not sure exactly what happened, but when I cut the code out and re-pasted a fresh copy and re-ran, it worked.
I still have no idea why that happened, but maybe you can try it.

Have you come up with the answer yet?

It looks to me there is a problem with the first method enqueue. It is just placing the element in the last position and not in the corresponding priority order.