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it just has to do with the wording of the problem and the example given.

** While this example may seem convoluted, this level of complexity is not unheard of, or even unusual, when dealing with large amounts of data. However, we can still very easily access the deepest levels of an array this complex with bracket notation:

console.log(nestedArray[2][1][0][0][0]);  should have one less [0] ...  and when the exaple of deeper still it should be the three that was previously shown... this was a bit confusing but can only imagine making it a bad experience from someone trying to learn.

let myNestedArray = [
// Only change code below this line
['unshift', false, 1, 2, 3, 'complex', 'nested'],
['loop', 'shift', 6, 7, 1000, 'method'],
['concat', false, true, 'spread', 'array'],
['mutate', 1327.98, 'splice', 'slice', 'push'],
['iterate', 1.3849, 7, '8.4876', 'arbitrary', 'depth']
// Only change code above this line

let nestedArray = [
  ['deeper'], ['deeper'] 
    ['deepest'], ['deepest']
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Challenge: Create complex multi-dimensional arrays

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I don’t understand what you are trying to ask. Can you please clarify? Thanks

let testNestedArray = ['level 1', ['level 2', ['level 3', ['level 4', ['level 5']]]]]
console.log(testNestedArray[1][1][1][1][0]);//level 5

let fiveLevelArray = [[[[['five level array']]]]]
console.log(fiveLevelArray[0][0][0][0][0])//five level array

let threeLevelArray = [[['three levels deep']]];
console.log(threeLevelArray[0][0][0]);//three levels deep

let nestedArray = [['deep'],[['deeper'], ['deeper']],[[['deepest'], ['deepest']],[[['deepest-est?']]]]];

let nestedLevelArray = ['level 1', ['level 2', 'deep'], [['level 3', 'deeper'], ['level 3', 'deeper']], [[['level 4', 'deepest'], ['level 4', 'deepest']], [[['level 5', 'deepest-est?']]]]];


Having the examples formatted like this help any? All the test is asking you to do is put the string 'deep' on level 3, the string 'deeper' on level 4, and the string 'deepest' on level 5 in myNestedArray. You can put them in any array you would like, they just have to be that level deep in the arrays.

edit: and ugly example.

['level 1',                                                                                                                                                           ]
           \['level 2', 'deep'],                                                                                                                                     /
                                \[['level 3', 'deeper'], ['level 3', 'deeper']],                                                                                    ]
                                                                                \[[['level 4', 'deepest'], ['level 4', 'deepest']],                                /
                                                                                                                                   \[[['level 5', 'deepest-est?']]]

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