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I been studying design and find something interesting. Would you like to know? Recently, designs are subject to the concepts of aesthetics.

Our aesthetic is visible. It is our identity and the purest union of energy and matter. The proof is right and I am here. Designers and web designers around the world are even key points to understanding this. The process is about as a writing fluency. You will understand this only if you have a purpose.

About that, I’ve written some time and some distant place. I can not remember thinking of something that no one has thought of yet. But, I should. At that moment, an idea seemed correct and satisfactory on the general points of my work which was a website and a program. Today after years, the first time in special. Finally, come back with an idea.

I write in many places and I am able to meet people. Although, do not yet do with the same strength that I obtained with this natural planning to my purest desires of joy. Many here read a message as a novel or something out of it. I’d like to be more than I am.

I think all the messages that we sent them should be made with attention and care. We raise great things in the world and we take part of this process history, art, science and religion. I’ve always been interested in these things and this topic will be no different.

You should stay with the angels to see the with eyes the right size and size. It is sad that many have lost their sense tis that I speak now. More or less words are not easy to describe the topic itself. In particular, why is this abstract and subjective for everyone like me or like you here.

I see the future going to a place I do not like and I do not want it to be. In this century things happen very well. This is not a personal diary or public opinion. I do not want it to be and I do not believe it to be. I want this text and so will be more something unique. That thought is the same as Stevie Jobs.

I listened to Steve Jobs’ audiobook and saw the movie. Reports and people from around the world nourish for him the immense gift he possessed. He was not a historical figure, but more than that. There are few here who can understand and understand this narrow group of thinkers and also visionaries or entrepreneurs. I understand and feel like I’m part of something like that.

So, about this, is an amazing place and too. So, also here. ;D


I had received in my mind a vertical point allied to exactly the central coordinates. This idea came to the set of objects I remembered. I’m sure the best work should have something central in mind. For example, circle. The different shapes are included in the circle.

I am working on a confusing problem and so mysterious and imaginative that it would represent these forms of our mind in a single line. Can you imagine what it is like to calculate the exact times and the length of a certain distance by the memory that you have of something that does not exist at all, or even if it exists, quite distant?

About the time I say that everyone here has a visual identity. The time of the projection coming and going from aspects my work. I had seen some projects and found it interesting to include them in a single one as if it were a kind of accurate and sweet illustration. I like the idea of the gnu license - GPL “General Public License.” Some projects can undergo good influences like mine.

Beauty for me is not a visible part and it is not a deduction. Beauty is the feeling for me. People are separate and different too. So, beauty is this too. The affinity point can be made with a geometry. But, it is not what determines and yes what it configures. For example, the binary code is unreadable in the sense of having no meaning and have meaning. Maybe it’s something so important and revealed to us. But, hidden.

The link proves my concept. Will the black edges be better without the edges? My vision says yes. É uma pequena mudança. Mas, muda a direção visual. Você pode brincar com css, html e js. Portanto, a linguagem é legal. When I spoke at the beginning everything is related to this logo. My idea would be an application like that.

I always call redesign when something small changes. Each piece plus the puzzle is difficult to assemble together with the memory game. This study had invested 3 years and applied to today. It’s 250 and may be the wrong number. Users can own more projects.