Create React app and "root"

How does the index.js in a create-react-app install know where document.getElementById(“root”) is?

My folder structure is:
My Project
–node modules

The index.html is in public. The index.js is in src. So it seems the command jumps back from index.js in src (…/) and then goes into public/index.html, something like href="…/public/index.html"… but it accomplishes this with document.getElementById(“root”). How does this work?

It’s just a regular webpack config magic hidden behind react-scripts:

oh, how did I miss that line in three hundred files in node_modules! :slight_smile:

In a tutorial I took, we built it from scratch, so I saw what we were doing with the webpack.config file.

By the way, is that rule actually generating the index.html file that pops up in the public folder in a fresh creat-react-app install?

My guess is it comes from here:
Webpack HtmlWebpackPlugin just injects your scripts into it.

Btw, it’s a nice habit to periodically go through source code of popular packages :slight_smile:

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