Create React App changing App.js

This might be a stupid question but I am a bit overwhelmed.
Is it okay to completely change up App.js when creating a project with “nix create-react-app”. Since the code in this file will be displayed on the page. I’m planning to write all the necessary code for the Random Quote Machine into this file and then execute it from there. But I’m not sure if im allowed to completely change up this file how I want to.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, you can. You can do whatever you want as long as you remember to export and import the component where you’re using it.

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Is ist also okay to change the file name ?

Yes, as long as you remember to update the code in index.js

There are no limitations to naming things other than the component name should be capitalized and I would suggest the filename and component name should match as well (file/component name suggestion is ignoring frameworks like say Next.js pages routing naming convention).


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