Create_spend_chart error

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create_spend_chart is throwing errors, even though expected and actual are identical.
If anyone could help out that would be great.

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def create_spend_chart(categories):
percent = 0
dashes = '-'
cate_names = list()
withdraw_sum = 0

for item in categories:
    withdraw_sum += item.withdraw_item

chart = "Percentage spent by category\n"
for i in range(100, -10, -10):
    chart += f"{i}".rjust(3) + '|'.ljust(2)

    for cate in categories:
        percent = round(((cate.withdraw_item / withdraw_sum) * 100))
        if percent >= i : chart += 'o'.ljust(3)
        else : chart += ' '.ljust(3)
    chart += '\n'

for cate in categories:
    dashes += '---'
    for letter in
chart += '    ' + dashes + '\n'

for line in zip_longest(*cate_names, fillvalue=' '):
    if any(charac != ' ' for charac in line):
        chart += '     ' + '  '.join(line) + '\n'

return chart.rstrip()  

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Challenge: Budget App

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Getting the string format right in this challenge is possibly the hardest problem I have encountered in any of the Python challenges I have done to date.

I resolved this by using the debugger in Visual Studio (if you have it available), it shows the test module expected result on one line with the actual below it, allowing to pinpoint the missing and extraneous spaces or newlines.