Create stateless functional component tests not working

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Good evening, this is my first post on the forum and i’m posting because i’m really at a loss and seemingly can’t solve this even when searching asking, reading, the problem here is that the tests for this challenge are infinite, even when copy pasting the solution straight from the answers, the tests don’t return anything when testing the solution, is this a bug on the part of freecodecamp?

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const MyComponent = function() {
// Change code below this line
  return (
completed challenge

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Challenge: Create a Stateless Functional Component

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Same problem for me. Are you able to complete the previous challenge again?
I think there is a problem from fcc server side.

I don’t understand that statement.

Your code does pass for me. Sometimes things glitch. Try rebooting, clear the browser cache, try a different browser…

Are there any error messages in the browser console?

I believe the tests run in the client.

Good Morning, i don’t know how it got fixed for me, i guess i restarted my browser or did something, the bug was client side i think, you can try changing browsers or cleaning the cache

Good Morning, i meant that the tests don’t stop running, they don’t give me a result, whether right or wrong.
Somehow the issue got fixed, i’m not sure how though, maybe it was because i restarted my browser, but after i restarted the browser, i tried to run the code again and it worked somehow.

Yeah, restarting the browser is probably what did it. Sometimes things just glitch. Sometimes at work I reach a point where nothing seems to be working right. It’s amazing how often a reboot fixes it.

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