Create Strings using Template Literals : map

Why we use this => <li class="text-warning">${element}</li>);
instead of this => <li class="text-warning">${element}</li>);
How the computer gonna know that we wanna display the elements of failure not other elements in ${element}

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const result = {
  success: ["max-length", "no-amd", "prefer-arrow-functions"],
  failure: ["no-var", "var-on-top", "linebreak"],
  skipped: ["id-blacklist", "no-dup-keys"]
function makeList(arr) {
  "use strict";

  // change code below this line
  const resultDisplayArray = => `<li class="text-warning">${element}</li>`);
  // change code above this line

  return resultDisplayArray;

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Because when you are calling the function, you are already passing in the variable result.failure. That is what is referred to as arr inside the function - they point to the same data. If you had called the function with only result, then you would have had to call it arr.failure inside the funtion. But the first way is more flexible - all the function knows is that is getting an array. It doesn’t care what it is, it just knows what to do with it,

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