Create table using React

I want to create a table like this using React, please is this possible

please is this possible

Sure, 100%.

how can I do it?

Learn React and code it.

But seriously, this is not a “write code for me” site. This is a learning site. If you have tried something and it doesn’t work, then post what you have and we can take a look.

Relax i’m not trying to cause problem here or ask for the code answer, i didnt ask my question well because i was in a hurry, i just read through it again. what i mean is that should i use React hooks with no Class Components or i must use class components.

Thank you for telling me to relax, but I assure you I’m very calm.

I’m not sure how the question you posted has anything to do with the question you are now asking. But let’s try that question:

should i use React hooks with no Class Components or i must use class components.

That is up to you. With hooks there really isn’t much need to use class components. A lot of people (including myself) have moved away from class components. But it is still important to learn class components. If you feel you still need to get comfortable with class components, then use them. If you feel comfortable with class components, but would rather focus your energy on something else rather than learning hooks, then do that. If you want the challenge/experience, try it with hooks.

There is nothing you can do with one that you can’t do without the other. FCs with hooks are supposed to be more performant and I think they make for cleaner code. I can’t remember the last class component I wrote. I think it was just because I had to use an existing HOC.

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