Create Texture Adding a Subtle Pattern as a Background Image

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I think this is a bug - the background changes, but the test can’t be complete - it tells me “the url should be set etc.”

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  body {
  background: url("");

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You have a space at the beginning of your url string.

yes, thank you - I tried that before and i=I guess I had something else going on because it stalled, but then after resetting and trying again it worked - I wanted to delete this thread, but didn’t know how to do that

body { background:url(""); }

Here, you use 2 space so your code doesn’t work.

@ooamoo don’t delete it- it helped me… I forgot to put the url in quotations (frustrating because the background was showing up just fine, but when I clicked, “Run the Tests” it wasn’t allowing me to move on (so thanks for posting)

@ooAMoo @sophia215 - Threads can only be deleted by moderators. We make it a policy not to delete threads that we think could help other campers who come here with the same question, especially when members of the community have taken the time to compose a helpful response. @ooAMoo if you want to stop getting notifications about this thread, you can stop following it via the dropdown at the bottom of the page: