Created my Tribute page

I’ve just finished my first Project: My tribute page. It is about Marie Curie:

i just checked out your tribute page… your HTML looks great…only one issue I saw is that all of your list item content is wrapped in <h2> tags. The <h2> is specifically used to signify header text…so when you use it consider, would this information be listed in a table of contents? if not, it should not be in a header tag.

You have your CSS as an internal style sheet in your HTML, best is to separate it out into the CSS section. Even outside of Codepen, your CSS would be referenced from a separate .css file. Lobster is a super fancy text that is a great font for headers, but very difficult to read a block of text with…For readability, generally speaking, its a good idea to use a sans-serif font. The Google Fonts website has a great feature where when you select a font you like, on the left hand side it has suggestions of complementary font pairings for your content or header text.

And then maybe some breathing room by way of margin space around your text for readability as well.

I know it seems like a whole lot, but it isnt really! Just offering up some suggestions to hopefully help you out…like I said, besides the h2 tag thing, the rest of your code really is excellent, you did a great job there :slight_smile: