Created myy first NodeJS project

Feedback would be appreciated!

i know the front end isnt the point but you can deploy your app with zeit and people can see it in action

I was more looking to see if someone can download it and run it so i know it works, currently not at a desktop

i downloaded it and it runs fine.

im no professional but i think the best practice for creating api is to be able to get data just by using the routes eg. localhost:3000/api/departures to get departure times

your logic should separate from your routes and should be exported to your routes as objects or functions

then your views can just render with a simple api call

Im not sure what you mean, can you show me in my code what you mean?

Do you mean on separate pages not on the same page?

take the fcc-weather-api. it returns a json that you can access data from the routes

the api is kept seperate from the everything else in the project. by separate i mean keep them in different folders - a practice referred to as separation of concerns

Ahh, i was supplied with the API the way it is. Its a coding test so not much i can change in the data. Also, what shows for you when you run the app as other people are saying they are getting errors?

i installed the dependencies with npm i, then ran app.js directly, then went to localhost:3000 in the browser

in your package.json the start script should run node app.js if you want people to type npm start to run your app. right now it says ./bin/www which is probably why people are getting errors

ahh thanks, do i need to change it to node app.js in the package.json file?

also with the json file if its the data i was provided is there much i can really do about it being the way it is?

yup. usually your script is just a command that you want your project to perform - in this case to start your server with node app.js. - npm start

theres not much you can do about the data you were provided. i guess as long as the app works dont worry about it

@colinmackinnon I would like to use your application. Can you upload your app to Heroku or some other online hosting website so we can test it? 98% percent of people will not download it and install it or know how to.

I suggest adding a development branch to your project so that you can leave master alone while you add features + improvements.

It looks like you running git add . (adding all files) every time because all your files have the same comment. It is better to add only the files you have changed and adding a commit message that discribes what change you have made to those particular files.