Creating a button that send user to another local HTML page

Hey guys i am having a bit of an issue where i click a button and it opens up another local html page. Here is my code.
I have tried href="index.html" but this did not work either. So, i tried a more direct file path but no luck. Any ideas?
<h2 id="dakotaC">Dakota Coleman</h2> <button type="button" href="DakotaColemanWebsite\index.html">About Me</button> <h3>Major</h3> <ol> <li>Web and mobile application developement</li> <li>Graduation date 2021</li> </ol>

You put your link in a button, to do what you want you need to put on an anchor.
Change the <button> for <a> and it must solve your problem.

Well hello. Thank you very much! Is there anyway to change it into a button ? Would placing an <a> in the <button> work?

You can leave it as an <a> and style it like a button via CSS.

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Phenomenal! thank you!