Creating a great résumé / CV and "You in 6 seconds" article

I just read Quincy’s You in 6 seconds: how to write a résumé that employers will actually read. It’s given me a massive kick up the arse to improve my CV. I’m now trying out, the service shown in the Elon Musk CV from the article.

  • Has anyone used this service? Would you recommend it?
  • If so, is it easy to customise your CV for every application you apply for, as Quincy recommends?
  • Does anyone know of any other good CV-creation services?

Also, any thoughts or comments on Quincy’s article generally? I think it’s got a lot of great advice, but I’m really not sure about the advice not to include a photo. I can see the point Quincy makes, but I think a photo instantly turns you into a real human being for the recruiter, which is probably valuable.

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I think the Novoresumes look really nice, but I can’t stand the self-evaluated ‘skills’ sections they seem to have in every template. Giving yourself a star rating for each technology you are familiar with seems pretty nonsensical to me - if you’re gonna stick to one page, I’d ditch that section personally and use the space for something a little more meaningful.


I agree the skills section seems a bit pointless. Unfortunately it looks like I’m stuck with it as it’s a mandatory section in the template I want to use. It’s possible to remove the star ratings but then you’re literally just listing skills instead, which also seems a bit meaningless. I’ll check out if I can remove this section completely in any other templates and post back here if I’m successful.

Other than that, I like Novoresume a lot. I got a good-looking CV up fairly fast. I did a brief search for other CV services, but all the other free ones I found had templates that looked terrible.

Unfortunately I can’t recommend you any service now, but I would suggest still keeping the photo. I also get what Quincy means there, but I would also add it as a minor, yet a part, of my CV. They employ a person not just only tech skills, so showing your human side matters. Besides when they meet you in person, it’s easier for them to recognize your application after the interview. It may happen that the same day they have many meetings and taking notes next to the photo vs. bare surname is easier to analyze later.

Quick update/warning – I wasted quite some time getting up a CV, and then when I uploaded a photo, the picture suffered in the transfer and looked blurry. Also, Novoresume had character limits for each text box, with no feedback about when you’re about to hit the limit… until you actually reach the limit. This made creating a CV there fiddly and restrictive. I’ve gone back to use Pages on my Mac for my CV, and I’m much happier with that.