Creating a learning schedule - 1 month of learing


I’m working to create a learning schedule for newbies and beginners (adults) who have no coding experience. The goal is just to help people understand and get a feel for what coding is like. It would be great to have them create a very simple website as the end product, since I doubt we could finish the first certificate.

I’d like to know how far could we go if we study for 8-10 hours per week for 4 weeks? (starting from the beginning) Thanks!! Any advice is really appreciated.

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I did a lot of workshops for beginners.

Because “beginner” is a broad term, it’s very hard to give you some hints.

There are beginners who literally understand nothing and beginners who majored in electrical engineering who understand literally everything.

My last workshop was 8 x 2hrs in 4 weeks and 3/10 participants managed to create a decent HTML & CSS page about a hobby. Many participants didn’t know what a browser is or how to download an editor, so this is also a lot about tooling and basic computer knowledge.

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Thank you for your response! Yeah, I would love to help people develop basic tech skills, but I imagine since everything is virtual we won’t be able to reach those individuals. Did you use a particular project or lesson plan to help them build the hobby page?

I modified my approach multiple times.

For my HTML workhop, I created a “Personal Page” (an advanced Tribute Page) as an “end goal”.

Then I went backwards and divided this end goal into lessons.

Most of the times this “hard” planning never worked, because the range of participants’ knowledge was really broad, so I always invited the faster participants to add some extra features and I just modified the content from session to session.

So my current approach looks like this:

  1. Repeat stuff from last session (10-15min)
  2. Show new stuff with examples (10-15min)
  3. Let the participants do exercises about the new stuff (10-15min)
  4. Talk about their solutions (10-15min)

… do this x times

In the last ~30min of the session they work on the “end goal” project.