Creating a multipages site:how to make header display on every page?

Hello! So I want to make a site using Bootstrap and jQuery and I think about how to display header and footer on all pages.

I read some information about it, and it says that this can be soved by using PHP, but I haven’t studied it yet, but there’s one more option -using a starter theme for example

So as far as I understand, there’re php functions in the theme(get header, get footer etc), they call the things I need and all I have to do is add the functions to other pages.

Do I get it wright and can I create custom themes with

who said that just to display the home header and footer on other pages of the website you need php and jquery.You only need css and html and. Just create the pages as different html pages and use the same header and footer code that you used in the main home page, then just moidify the content in between ,put whatever you want there.

That’s what I’m talking about

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