Creating a Quiz: the course in general

Is anyone else just COMPLETELY thrown off by the content of this course? Somehow I’m making my way through it but definitely not without the help of other forum topics on here specifically targeted toward the steps I get stuck at. But I just feel like there is a lot of expectation in this course specifically without actually having learned the material. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing to do a quick search and find more information about a topic, but I was appreciating the learn as you go (with clear descriptions and then application) technique with the courses prior. Yes, I’m going through them in order, It really just caught me off guard seeing things that were never mentioned before. Can anyone else relate? Am I missing something? How are you choosing to navigate through this course specifically?

what have you found that has thrown you off?
the course is always in developent and being improved

Steps 4, 40, and 45 are a few examples of places I’ve gotten stuck. But, as mentioned, a quick search definitely did me some justice. I think the steps just may not have been super detailed which caused some confusion. But maybe trial and error is the name of the game here to help learn from experience

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