Creating a table planner for a logistics transportation company

Hi to every developers out there… If you know how to create a table planner queue for a logistic transportation company inbox me i’ve got something for you!!!

A logistic company wants to develop a transportation Queue. On the left is a table with the list of delivery for customers, showing customer ID, Customer Name, Pick Up location, Drop off Location, on the right is a planner, showing Date, Slot 1 , Slot 2, Slot 3, Slot 4, the planner should show 7 days after the current date.

Please I need help and tips on how I could get this done today and I also found out that I could use Microsoft excel to create the table for the logistic company but i have zero knowledge of how to use excel to create the table for the company!!

If you know you can do this or have tips on how i could get this done today please text me

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