Creating a Tribute page. I need some help

**Tell us what’s happening:**i find it hard to get a score of 1/10 in the project when i run a test to see it stills gives me 0/0. Am beginning to get discourage.

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Create a tribute page.

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hello Autowebnet, welcome to the forum!

When I run the tests, it is getting a 3/10. If you look at the test box, there is a line that says: “select test suite”. Make sure that you have selected “tribute page” in the box underneath. Please let me know if you still need help.

Hey :slight_smile:
I hope I wont look stupid in front of the experts but I ll give a go :slight_smile:
May be my explanation not the most professional but will try to help.
Basicly yes you doing good, but as the test shows few bits missing, just keep doing run the test follow the instruction and you will be great.

Figcaption element is missing (you can find in the example story or between basic CSS classes)
An “a” element needs to be added with id of “tribute-link” with an external link.
Need to add “tribute-info” ID to the main content.
IMG element needs to be responsively resize.

I rather would say check the sample story in html view or go back to the CSS classes and try different options. When you change the details you ll see what will change and you ll understand more and more. Thats how I did.
You are on good way when I ran the test you had 6/10.
Carry on!