Creating an Android Messaging App with DeepSpeech

I have a flip phone, a Sonim XP3. I bought it to breakfree from the cycle of wanting/buying a new phone all the time. Its military grade and should last forever or until the lion battery dies. It runs Android 8. It does not have the Google play store or services. I was able to sideload APKs using the secret developer mode on it.

It comes with a great messaging app that is only 3 MB. Using T9 is such a pain and I would like to use Voice-to-Text to compose messages.

Mozilla’s DeepSpeech is very capable and I got it working in the terminal with a pretrained model. They have an Android library but its all still developmental.

I would like to take an exsisting messaging app, maybe one thats hosted on F-droid and implement Mozilla’s DeepSpeech. Also, allow navigation with the buttons as it has no touchscreen.

How would I go about doing this?

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