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hi i’m emanuele and i am starting to plan with the free code but the app says that you have to write hello paragraph on the p tag and i did but it still gives me wrong. Do you have any solutions? i await answers thanks.

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<h1>Hello World</h1>
<p> Ciao paragrafo </p>

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Challenge: Inform with the Paragraph Element

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I’m not sure if there are language specific differences, but in my version you are supposed to type exactly and only Hello Paragraph. Did you copy and paste the exact required text?

Of course, i followed all the required instructions

You code works fine for me in English. I’m not sure what the next troubleshooting step might be since I’m not super familiar with how they do multilingual support. Does Hello Paragraph work instead of Ciao paragrafo?

@ArielLeslie, maybe you know which mods might be able to help troubleshoot multilingual support?

Create a p element below your h2 element, and give it the text “Hello Paragraph”.

You have to specifically use the text that it tells you to.

thank you very mutch for the answers.The mistake was that i hadn’t written it in english but in italian

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If you are using google translate to translate the page, you will need to keep the original page open to check these things. The tests expect you to write what’s asked, if you change language it is not what’s required.

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