Creating individual posts in Visual Studio


At the moment I am trying to create my first website, using Visual Studio Code.
And I wonder what I can do to create single posts, with clickable headlines, so that the user/visitor is sent to a single post? And how that is done in Visual Studio Code that is.
Sort of like how it works in Wordpress. In Wordpress the user clicks on a post and then gets sent to that specific post, which has its own text and images unique to that post.
At the moment I can create a homepage but I don’t quite know how to create single posts that has its own part(space) in the website.


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Wordpress is based on PHP, a very powerful language.

The concept of any of these systems is like this (short explanation):

  • there is some kind of data storage, e.g. a database, a file, a data structure, that holds all posts
  • something fetches these posts and shows you a list of all posts
  • you click on a specific link
  • something fetches the post data for this specific link
  • something sends you on a route for this specific link
  • you can see the specific post content

As you can see, this is more complicated under the hood.

Since you’ve just started your journey, I think the most practical solution is to create an HTML page for each blog post.

On the long run, this is not scalable (think about a page with 100 posts). This is when you need some other skills (e.g. JavaScript).

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Aha ok thanks. Nice to meet you too.

So what is the most common thing to do when you are a frontend- or fullstack developer that helps their new customers to create websites?

Do they usually create their websites in Local and Wordpress and write their code there? Or do they create it all from scratch using Visual studio Code or some other text editor?

Ok, so Javascript is needed to create several posts in a scalable fashion? Otherwise I would have to create several index.html-files for each post in the website?

Do you have any Javascript-commands in mind that I could use to create those segments and posts, within the same website? I have done a little bit of training in Javascript and I would like to learn more.

I’d like to know as well. I want to create a blog that displays all posts chronologically on the front page. I didn’t know I needed Javascript for that.

This highly depends on what the customers wants.

A typical customer could look like this:

  • small business owner
  • can use a computer to do small office tasks (creating letters, spreadsheet, presentations), but is not tech-savvy
  • doesn’t want to become tech-savvy, because they want to do their major business tasks

This is where you mostly use a CMS (Content Management System), e.g. Wordpress. The customer provides the content (either by creating it on theirself or paying another person), the management system handles the technical tasks. As a developer, you setup the CMS, customize it, provide some maintenance (e.g. updating the CMS).

I think this customer accounts for 70%+ of the market requests (request-wise, not revenue-wise)

The second type of customer could look like this:

  • small to medium companies
  • wants you to create a page/platform
  • can handle the maintenance (because they have own developers)
  • mostly done by agencies

This is where you mostly use tech stacks like MERN, MEAN, PERN, LAMP, Django, Ruby on Rails, Spring etc.

Actually you can use every language that can run:

  • on the server (server side scripting/rendering)
  • on the client (client side scripting/rendering) (e.g. JavaScript as full programming language (also WASM))

There are also specific “static site generator” libraries that do this for you, e.g. Hugo, Jekyll, Gatsby etc.

You could create a big data structure with all your data, e.g. an array.
Then you could iterate over it with a for-loop and do something for each of the array items.

I think this topic talks about a similar idea:

Hmm ok :slight_smile: I willl explore that thread. Currently I am learning PHP as well. Could I do the same thing with PHP in Visual studio-code without using Wordpress/Local? Creating individual posts I mean.

And is Javascript perferable over PHP for this because of some reason?
Also, what type of websites would you recommend me to try to create, now that I am in the start of my journey and trying to learn code?

I know quite a bit of basics of CSS and HTML, from W3schools. But I am not quite sure what kinds of projects I should pick to learn the most, to become a skilled frontend-developer, and being the most efficient with my time.

Should I build websites using Local. And then focusing on mastering PHP and everything Wordpress? Or would it be smarter to learn frontend, by using mostly Visual studio code or some other text editor to become good?
Or would a mix of these two approaches be best?

Also, if you have any good tutorials in mind, for building websites, where you learn a lot and where the teacher at the same time is good at keeping it interesting and fun throughout the whole video/tutorial it would be great.