Creating my First Tribute Page

Okay so I’ve completed the HTML and CSS lessons and I’m ready to move on to the first project - the “tribute page”.

But here’s the thing: I’m not a writer. I didn’t learn to code because I wanted to create page content. I don’t want to have to do research about a famous person just so that I have something to build a website about. I suppose the idea is that you are building up a portfolio that you could show to potential employers. Would copy and pasting generic text (i.e. Lorem Ipsum) have the same effect as an actual hand-crafted website? Should I just suck it up and do it?

I’ve searched the forums but no-one else seems to have had this complaint. Is it just me? Any suggestions/thoughts?


Well, I did it, and it wasn’t actually as tedious or laborious as I had imagined.

I think my initial reluctance was due to me actually having made websites before, so the initial “My first website” excitement wasn’t really there for me. But I actually ended just treating it like any other exercise and building essentially the bare minimum of what was required, and it didn’t take long at all. No need to do any research, just write a few sentences about something you know and like.

Here, if you’re interested.

Your page looks good @gazzcool. A little plain. As you move along you’ll see that adding a different font and a little color will make you page a little nicer and it will grow/reinforce what you’re learning.
That all said, your tribute link doesn’t do what you want. Not sure if you actually tried it. If clicked, it will actually tell you the error. You can also run your code through the W3C validator.
It’s an easy enough fix. Remember that href stands for hypertext reference. Use that. You don’t need src here.

Thanks Roma. As already mentioned, I wasn’t really trying to make it look good, but I will do that as I move on and try other exercises.

Thanks for the tip and yes I will fix the error!

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