Creating my own-first site

So, I am now at the stage where I am applying for jobs. I have created two websites for local business and charity (both created by bootstrap framework) however, I am thinking of creating my own website. I don’t really want to use WordPress because I have this weird enjoyment creating websites focusing on HTML, CSS and really massively trying to get used to JS. So the idea of my website is a blog website to show the two websites I have created, other exercises I have thought myself such as tutorials on YouTube or books, my travelling experience with my photography work and how I am teaching myself to learn Spanish! I want to show my progress in learning the language by writing posts in Spanish, etc. What do you guys think? Like I have applied for jobs by LinkedIn, sending my resumes and cover letters, which I thinking is boring. I want to show- rather than tell- my skills.

Using something like WP doesn’t stop you doing that, it’s orthogonal. WP for example is a wrapper over a database that gives you a configurable admin interface to write to the database + a templating system to help you create the HTML, it doesn’t say what your HTML/CSS/JS should be. That being said, a static site generator (Hugo for example) is simpler and needs no database, and probably fits your needs better. Otherwise you need to hand write everything, with huge amounts of duplication, which is very error prone.

That’s fine, but you’re describing a personal blog. That’s not likely to not be something that’ll help you get a job. Maybe it’s something that helps you, personally, but it’s doesn’t really overlap with what you’re trying to present to get a job, particularly because:

The first thing is personal [hobby?] photography. Second thing is just being cute. It’s an obviously useful thing for you to help you learn a language, but you’re wanting to publish it online – imo this isn’t a thing that’ll help you get a job. By all means do it, it sounds like a fantastic idea to force you to learn to write Spanish, but would that not be better completely kept seperate and, say, presented to a language learners forum, where you would be able to say “I’ve written another post and can you please have feedback” every week or whatever?