Creating my self curriculum for data analysis

Hello, I’m creating a curriculum for becoming more familiar with and eventually developing the skills needed for data analysis.

I’d some feedback on my ideas, suggestions for things I should add.

The goal is to keep all the resources I use free.

  • Learn about Python (data bases algorithms loops, etc,) via FreeCodeCamp as well as online resources for practicing the above (c.f. PyNative, etc.)
  • Learn math on Kahn Academy (linear algebra, statistics)
    -Obtain data from websites and practice drawing information out of this data

I am looking for people to supplement the information I am working with useful resources. One thing I’m interested in right now are websites that pose problems that I have to solve. Similar to FCC. I understand the usefulness of FCC, but I just want a wide variety of reources that can help me develop these skills.

I am anticipating this is a multiyear process.

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