Creating Online Store


i am kind of new to programming world but my visions are so wide.

I learned some HTML and CSS and created a sample Portfolio Website which you guys can check it on ( i really appreciate it if i get some suggestions ! )

My main question is :
I want to start to build an Online Store website from scratch ( just as a sample and to learn more about HTML and CSS i do not want to publish it online ).

What are your suggestions ?
Do i need to learn JS or any other Languages to be able to create that Website ?

PS: i want to create a simple and basic Online Store then i will be Upgrading it later but still i want my project be a bit challenging in order to learn more from it while creating it.


Hi Dani,
welcome to the FCC forum!

As far as styling goes, you could search for a shop that you like and then clone it for practice. You can’t build the functionality with HTML/CSS though. Actually I would say a shop can get rather complex. So many people build on existing shop solutions and build their own theme or customise a theme for that.

Examples of ecommerce platforms: (wordpress plugin)

Store that sells ecommerce themes:

HI @michaelsndr

thank you for your answer i will check those links for sure . Its just i wanna practice HTML and CSS more and do more challenging projects . So i thought building an ecommerce would be a good idea , but i will check your links and use your suggestion also.