Creating Video Follow-Alongs (JavaScript)

Personally, I learn the WORST when I’m forced to read through things. My eyes just roll into the back of my head and I can barely stand getting through written tutorials like books, documentation, or online tutorials like freeCodeCamp.

The content here is detailed, well laid out, and seems to have a really good learning curve. I love what freeCodeCamp offers.

I’m wondering if anyone has done, or if freeCodeCamp would mind if I did, a YouTube video follow-along series. Brief videos explaining the concepts in spoken word, with on-screen written examples that explain the concept and demonstrate the theory, designed to assist the visual and auditory learners in improved comprehension and retention of information.

The ideas is that you’d pop one window open to your left with the YouTube video series, and another window on your right with the freeCodeCamp lessons. You’d play the video, listen to the instructions, and pause to complete each challenge. I believe it would bring in additional traffic, increase retention, and help more people get through the camp.


The Responsive Web Design lessons have a built in “Watch a Video” feature that seems to accomplish what you are proposing - I’m not sure if the FCC team is working on videos for the rest of the curriculum.

I would love to see them roll that out throughout FCC. In theory, the YouTube follow-along model would allow for anybody to create the content and monetize their hard work through ads. The more successful they are at clearly presenting the video content the more traffic (in theory) they see. I’d also, though, like to see FCC direct people to the best of these series’.

It’s good to know they’re implementing videos in other lessons. I’d really like to check out the RWD lessons now, just to see what they’ve put together. Thanks for pointing that out.

If you click on the “Get a Hint” button, the dropdown (dropup?) menu will have a “Watch a Video” option.

You are certainly welcome to create videos of working on freeCodeCamp challenges.