Creating websites from the bottom-up

Hello, I would like to ask about developing websites from the very start. Is it common for developers to use frameworks to create websites? I am asking because I am now learning to develop websites and in my projects I am not using any frameworks which takes me quite some time to make look everything perfect (not to mention responsive). I’m just not aware of what the best practices are in web dev.

Thank you in advance for your help! Monika

Responsive is so easy with flexbox. It just percentage 50% and 50% side by side element use row and two column. Bootstrap just with flexbox no other classes you will got link for that. Search in Google and this way the problem you need to do something with navigation as nice way you can for it. And other elements like Animate CSS and make it great the website somehow with own style sheet.

It is just my opinion but I think you are going about this in just the right way. Frameworks are very necessary and Powerful tools in the hands of people who understand how they work under the hood. By learning the Under the Hood part now you can be one of those people. Anything less is just copying somebody else’s code that works but you don’t fully understand. Pardon the typos this was sent from my phone that doesn’t seem to recognize my voice