Creating your own products - Anyone?

I have read a lot of posts here of people getting ready for a developers job and als many that got one after having been working through this site but is there anyone that has instead created their own products instead? And taken that route?

Please feel free to share what you did and how you got there.


Yeah, it would be interesting to hear about that… At this moment I’m building legacy back end projects from freeCodeCamp (currently working on voting app). My plan for this summer is to finish all full stack apps and then I would like to build my own product. It would be nice to hear about all aspects one has to consider when pursuing it’s own side project.

After finishing my front-end certificate and my react redux rogue-like project I started working on a mobile game.

All of the game mechanics are implemented already so now I am just working on polishing up the game with animation effects and adding in features to increase the game’s replay value. Here is a GIF of some of the UI but I am in a bad spot for previewing gameplay so it only has a small clip of that. Still not sure if I will try to publish the game my self or look for a publisher though.