Creation of a Mo.js animation

Hello everyone! I explain you my request.

As a non-coder (the coding community is great I think, considering the mutual help present), I’m looking to make an animation on my portfolio.

I discovered that Mo.js allowed me to make this animation, so I started to tinker a few weeks ago in order to make it by my own hands by learning the necessary things to make it. However, despite many attempts, I notice the difficulty of the task and I can’t do it.

My goal would be to make this animation with the letters “Théo”. Just that. I had the pride to think that it would not be difficult, which it is.

I tried changing the tags and via this tool, and trying to fix it over and over again but nothing does.

I think that among you, some must be able to do this rather quickly, I remain at disposal to exchange or clarify my words. My goal would be to make a unique animation, with different color animations, but I don’t dare to ask for too much knowing that I have no idea how much time this will take.

Thank you all in advance, if needed I remain at your disposal.

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