Creative product landing page

Hello fellow FCC member,

can you review my product landing page and give me your personal feedback on it? Thank you in advance!

Here is the page:

The Home section looks great but the links to the other sections do not work and as there is no scrollbar, I can’t judge them. I ran the fcc test suite and only three tests passed so try and work on those.

Note: I used a desktop to view your page

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as @paladinvaan2018 said the home page looks amazing but, you need to work on other features of the site as mentioned in the project user-stories on freecodecamp.

Furthermore, i like your color choices, the animation is also great when the site loads :slight_smile:

thank you. I forgot to test it before asking for feedback. I’m working on those things

thank you. the rest of the page will be ready soon.

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It’s looking great so far.
It looks like you spent a long time on the animations. Well done!

Thank you. It took me about a day to complete this and I have to admit, i used a YouTube tutorial to help me out :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much. It did take me a day to complete this.

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