Criticise my "presentation business website"

Dear Campers,

With the purpose of learning I am creating a website for a local business, the thing is that I really suck at designing and have not the best sense for colors.

I will know what do you think about this website and things that you consider could be improved.

Thanks in advance.

Just my subjective personal opinions…

The gradient orange (left to right) bugs me because on the rightmost side, your menu items almost disappears and blends with the background. I think the opacity on your menu is too much. I’d prefer a solid color, or a top to bottom gradient.

The green button against an orange background seems jarring. If it were me, I’d pick a dark purplish/violet color. – but that’s just me. And then use the same color for the section titles and on your form button below the page.

Pros: Good clean design. Nice balance of white space to content.
Cons: Contact us acnhor link does not scroll to contact us section.

Well design-wise I think the site overall looks pretty good. Clean, modern, good use of white-space. I second what @owel mentioned about the links.

I’m a little confused by the “Projects” section, but I think that might be coming down to some display issues with your slider. I noticed two (what looks like) next and previous arrows at the top edge of the slider but when clicked they scroll me back up to the top of the page. So I’m wondering if there’s some styling/functionality here that’s not working properly. Because the slide images themselves look oversized.

There’s also a couple of things going on with your anchor links/tags. When scrolled down all the way to the Contact section/bottom of the page, it seems clicking any link in the nav bar from that point brings you all the way back up to the top of the page rather than to its designated section.

The other issue is where the page stops depending on which link you click from various points on the page. For example, starting from the very top of the page, if I click Know us (by the way I’m going off what Google translated the text to, so my apologies for that haha) I go to the About section, which is totally fine. If I’m back at the very top and click Services, scrolls down perfectly too.

But, if I’m in the About section and then click Services I get moved down to somewhere in the middle of the about section rather than down fully to the services section. The same thing happens if I’m down in the services section and hit Projects, I get put somewhere in the middle of the services section instead of lower.

Contact section looks good! Seems like all the necessary info is there. The form is easy to work with especially down in different mobile displays.

Speaking of mobile, that looks good as well, though you might want to consider shrinking down those icons a bit. They just feel overly large when everything else is so condensed.

I really appreciate your comments guys.

@owel I think the same, that btn-success was making a weird effect over the orange. I am playing a litle bit with different colors for the headers, concretly the h3 tags that are the tittles of the sections. I also moved the links on nav item while collapse to the right, but on my devices I look them right.

@waptug yeap, I am having problems with the smoth scrolling. Thanks a lot for the comment about the desing.

@dlyons I appreciate your comments. You are right the carrousel was a litle mess, the “client” which my sister’s boyfriend :slight_smile: wanted to add more images so the carrousel finallyw as uselles and I used some images on 3x3 div.

About the scrolling, I am having serious problems with it because in order to make it smooth I am using a pluugin that is called navbar-fixed, here you can find it if interested. But is not working properly. At the beggining it does, but after pressing some links it get messy, dont go to the anchor, stops at the middle… dont know how to solve it.