Criticize My Portfolio

Can you guys tell me what should I do better? Any mistakes, typos, responsiveness issues, colors anything? Here is the link:

Thanks in advance. I am really happy that I just got my first certificate and planning to continue and earn the complete front-end certification and eventually get to full-stack, It is a long journey but it’s worth it.

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Looks great! Is there a way I can view your code as well?

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Here it is, inside my FCC projects repo :wink:

Sorry for the late reply.

I like it too. Simple, straight to the point. I like the gradient you use to emphasize the text. I also like how you present what web technologies you used for each project.

I would only say increase the grid-gap. Especially for the mobile / single column view. 3em for the row-gap feels much better to me than 1em

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Thanks man, really appreciate the feedback, I wanted it to be exactly as you described it, simple and straight to the point, looks like I’ve achieved that :slight_smile:

I will also take your advice into consideration and increase the grid-gap, peace.

I love how it is simple but elegant at the same time. The gradient is an excellent idea too!

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Yeah this is really nice man. Good work. I really like the gradient typography and the simplicity / ui design.

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