Criticize my real portfollio

After 5 months of learning HTML/CSS and trying to learn JS/JQuery and in this past month some Angular, I decided to make a portfolio to try and start looking at doing some freelancing. I need you all to criticize it, don’t hold back, I’m sure there’s many things wrong with it that I’m overlooking.

I still have to fix my contact form, it’s not responsive and it looks terrible when resizing, and the links on the HTML/CSS are not correct. But how does it look so far? I think for the short amount of time I’ve been learning I have done a fair amount of projects (small ones). As I keep doing more, rather than to increase the quantity, I want to up the quality of the projects.

Any feedback is welcome!

Looks good. I couldn’t find any flaws other then what you pointed out. I would make one suggestion, you may want to find a way to separate out or mark older projects from the newer ones. Maybe like a time line. Just something that will make it clear to people, so they don’t think that the very first project that you did, represents what your capable of now.

I thought about doing that and maybe it would make sense until I can just have projects that showcase better skills. Thanks for the feedback.