Critique for my Portfolio & Resume

Hey guys, can I get some feedback on my resume and portfolio site. I’m getting calls from recruiters, but haven’t received any follow-up calls. I haven’t aggressively started to apply to jobs yet, but I would like to know what I should work on before going at it 100%. Thank You !!


The first thing I notice is that it is not keyboard accessible. The menu button in the upper right should actually be a <button>. The only way you can get to the menu is by using a mouse. I hope the person in charge of hiring and is looking through your portfolio can do that :slight_smile:

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Thank You! Definitely wouldn’t have realized that.

Didn’t take a long look but I see that there are some issues that you might wanna fix in mobile view

Also the text beneath is overlaying your image.

Good luck!

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Ah yes, you’re right. Thank You!